What is your recording setup?

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    • What is your recording setup?


      i'm wondering what kind of setup and setup chain you are using when you are recording vocals or instruments.
      Which equipment do you use ? You can exchange experiences and tips for getting the best sound quality in your production for your budget.

      I personally just use a USB Komplete Audio 6 from Native Instruments on my Macbook as sound interface and a simple RODE NT-1A XLR microphone.
      On my computer i am using Ableton Live to record my voice tracks, so unfortunately i'm not using any analog compression or devices yet :/

      For sure you can Upload some nice pictures of your personal setup to get a visual feedback.
      What about your setup ?
    • My recording & production setup is:

      - Macbook Pro i7 / 2,6GHz /16GB Ram / 2TB SSD
      - PC i7 6700K 4,2GHz / 24GB Ram / 1TB SSD / 5 TB Library & Sounds / 3TB Data
      - iPad Air 2

      - LG Ultrawide 34" Screen

      - Fireface RME UC (USB)

      - Yamaha HS80 Monitors
      - Mackie Big Knob

      - UAD-2 Satellite Komplete

      - SPL Frontliner
      - Mindprint Envoice MKII
      - Line 6 Pod HD

      - AKG C4000 Mic

      - Akai Advance 61
      - Maschine

      - Yamaha Motif XS6
      - Korg Triton
      - Roland Fantom
      - Roland Integra 7
      - Moog Slim Phatty
      - Access Virus Ti

      - Yamaha Pacifica
      - Squire E-Bass
      - Percussion Instruments

      - Traktor Kontrol
      - Technics 1210

    • I prefer
      Lenovo ThinkPad E560 (Intel Core i5-6200U up to
      2.8GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel HD 520, WiFi, DVD, HDMI, Windows 7
      DAW Cockos Reaper, takes $60 for personal licensing
      Steinberg UR44 / sampling rate of 192 kHz/ resolution
      of 24 bits
      808 Bass drum for trap beats
      Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL